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As national competitiveness becomes more significant in this era of globalization, professional manpower in tourism industry is increasingly needed. For this reason, Department of Global Tourism Management offers a variety of courses to nurture students' talents and abilities as a to-be professional manager or a scholar by exploring expertise and practical studies in the high value-added tourism, hotel, restaurant, airline, travel industry, and convention sector so that it educates and cultivates competitive 'global tourism experts' for the future who can make a strategic decision in the international society based on the education philosophy and the characteristics of

Shinhan University after the top-class education. With such goal, the Department of Global Tourism Management will become one of the representative venues for global tourism education.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Theory of Tourism, Theory of Business Administration,
Theory of International Tourism, Culture and Tourism Story Telling,
Theory of Marketing
Theory of Marketing, Management of Travel Agency,
Theory of Accounting, Dietary Culture Study
2 Hotel Management, Service Management,
Management of Food Service Industry, Introduction to Beverage Study
Tourism Regulations, Hotel and Tourism Marketing,
Airline Management, Wine and Coffee Study
3 Theory of Hotel Room Management, Practical Study of Travel Agency
Management of Tourism Human Resources, Management Statistics,
Theory of Events Management, Tourism Japanese I
Survey of Hotel and Tourism Marketing
Theory of Tourism Resources, Behavior Theory of Tourism,
Restaurant Management, Convention Management,
Hospitality Industry Communication, Tourism Japanese
4 Study of Food Service Development, Tourism English,
Management of Franchise Food Service,
Practical Study of Hotel Party Planning, Financial Management
Tourism Management Seminar, Food Service Business Consulting,
Field Training, Management of Food Service and Purchase