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Department of Social Welfare aims to nurture professional social workers who can cope with social changes in an effective way. For this goal to be attained, this departmant has the curriculum under which students as a social worker can understand social issues exactly, develop a sense of responsibility to cope with such issues, and acquire values, theories and practical skills as a basis of practicing social welfare. In addition, by establishing business/academic cooperation, it also runs systematic and professional job training courses persector. Moreover, by vitalizing activities of social welfare clubs, it creates proper environment so that students can build on-site

experience via specialized voluntary activities per sector and develop their skills as a multicultural and global social welfare specialist fit for the age of globalization via overseas voluntary activities.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Introduction to Social Welfare, Human Behavior and Social Environment,
Social Problems
Social Work Ethics and Philosophy, Volunteer Management,
Social Welfare with Youth, Family Strengths
2 Community Welfare & Practice, Child Welfare, Theories of Social Work
Practice, Understanding multicultural phenomenon of Korean society
Social Welfare Policy, Social Work in Mental Health,
Welfare for the Elderly, Immigration·Multicultural Family Social Work
3 Social Welfare Administration, Skills and Techniques of Social Work
Practice, Program Planning and Evaluation for Social Welfare,
Research Method in Social Welfare, Social Welfare in Schools,
Family Policy
Social Welfare with People with Disabilities, Data Analysis for Social
Welfare, Social Work Practicum, Social Work with Families,
Group Counseling, Social Welfare for Women
4 Family Counseling, Social Welfare and Law, Counseling Theory and
Practice, Social Work in Health Care, Family Policy,
Use of Psychological Tests
Social Welfare Seminar, Case Management in Social Work Practice,
Use of Psychological Tests, International Migration and Labor Policy,
Practicum for Immigration·Multicultural