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Department of Radiologic Science implements systematic and practical education about of radiology, nuclear medicine, and radiation oncology areas with the goal of implementing holistic education based on the spirit of love and service, fostering multidisciplinary health care specialists and global talents. Specifically, radiology division uses high-tech digital radiography machine, CT, MRI, ultrasonic equipment, and PACS while nuclear medicine division uses SPECT and gamma camera, and the radiation oncology division uses LJNAC and gamma knife to develop diagnostic image processing and curing skills so that students can contribute to the advancement

of health and medical treatment of the nation and the communities, and to foster creative and leading expert radiological technologists and health care talents based on medical Image as a medium.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Human Physiology, Medical Terminology,
Radiation Physics, Introduction of Radiologic Technology
Patient Care, Principle of Electrical Engineering,
Radiographic information, Human Anatomy
2 Radiographic information practices,
Nuclear of Law, Radiation Equipment
Practice of Radiation Equipment, Computed tomography imaging,
General Radiographic Procedures Practices(1),
Fluoroscopic imaging
3 Technology of Radiation therapy, Radiation Biology,
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Practice of Ultrasound Physics,
Angiography & inteventional radiography,
General Radiographic Procedures Practices(2)
Radiation Protection and Safety, Radiation Dosimetry,
Ultrasonography practice, Technology of nuclear medicine,
Technology of Radiation therapy practice
4 Nuclear Medicine Clinical Training, Public Health,
Radiologic Technology Clinical Training, Diagnostic Image Reading
Radiation Therapy Clinical Training, Nuclear medicine practices,
Protection of radiation trouble practices, Health Statistics,
Cardio and Mammo ultrasonography practice
Medical Law, Seminar of Radiological Science,
Pathology, Medical Imaging Quality Contral, Radiographic anatomy