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Unlike in the past, performing arts means performance music and performance art sports in an extensive and comprehensi -ve sense. Thus, to become a specialist in this area who can understand, expect, and create performing arts as demanded in the future, students need health care and scientific physical activities to complete systematic learning, training and creating experience, and most of all, perform on the stage so that they can develop an aesthetic and intellectual perspective. With this goal, Department of Performing Arts runs systematic curriculum with practice and performance classes to nurture performance artists and professional directors and help

them perform on the stage immediately after graduation. Also, this department has education enough space and equipment to support such curriculum and the faculty rich in hands-on experience on the stage.

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grade first semester second semester
1 acting basic acting, breathing & vocalization, reign body,
realistic acting, performance arts introduction
improvisatory acting, vocalization & pronunciation,
movement(physical training), practice performance production1,
performance arts history
K-POP Major Practice1, Performance Workshop1, Recording Practice 1 Major Practice2, sight singing & music dictation,
Recording Practice2, Performing Management1
2 acting speech trainning1, play action1, theater knowledge,
practice performance production2
speech training2, play action2,
stage set making & stage lighting, intermediate acting
K-POP Major Practice3, Ensemble, Musical theory,
Performance workshop2, Basic dance training
Major practice4, Performing management2,
Sound Recording Harmonics1, Basic Vocal training
3 acting camera acting1, advance acting, direction theory,
appreciate performance image & criticism,
practice performance production3, musical scene practice1
camera acting2, educational play, audition practice,
creative play workshop
K-POP Major practice5, Music Producing, Harmonics2,
Computer music1
Major practice6, Composition,
Practice choreography production, Write the song,
Computer music2, Hip hop1
4 acting voice acting1, movie acting analysis & practice,
practice drama production, Amusical scene practice2
voice acting2, practice performance production4
K-POP Graduation performance, Stage sound Practice album production, Hip hop2,
Creation Broadcasting choreography