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Division of Food and Nutrition focuses on specialized majors such as sitology, dietetics, and institutional food service, and nurtures specialists and researchers to meet the needs of society. In addition, this division helps students develop practical business skills by linking education courses with the relevant industry such as clinical nutrition for illness treatment, nutritional education and counseling.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Basic Western Cuisine Theory and Practice,
Eating Right and Health, Public Health
Food in Life, Food Around the World
Theory of Baking and Practice
2 Fundamental Nutrition, Organic Chemistry,
Principle of Food Preparation, Food Materials
Food Microbiology and Experiment,
Understand of korean food and Practice, Food Chemistry,
Foodservice Management, Human Physiology
3 Clinical Nutrition, Biochemistry, Food Sanitation,
Nutrition Throughout the Life Cycle, Nutrition Education and
Counseling, Understand of foreign food & Practice
Medical Nutrition Theraphy and Practice,
Food Processing and Preservation, Experiment Cookery,
Food Analysis Experiment, Nutritional Assessment and Practice,
Food Fermentation, Environmental Hygiene,
4 Foodservice Systems Management and Practice,
Exercise and Nutrition, Meal Management, Industry Field Business,
Food Regulations, Seminar in Food and Nutrition
Advanced Nutrition, Health Functional Food,
Food Quality Management,Research in Food and Nutrition,
Graduate Thesis,Comnunity Nutrition, Dietetic Field Training