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With the goal of cultivating talents equipped with both spirituality and intelligence, this department offers specialized education to students so as to develop their creative powers as a writer in each sector in this era of new media and offers them education programs such as OSMU (One Source MultiUse) writing, storytelling, and narrative creative writing, which develop various creative powers in line with the trend of New Journalism. It focuses on on-site training for the goal of more than 1 specialties per student by forming sector-specific clubs through customized

educating method per character and talent of each student including training producing (creating) skills by genres and adapting to press, broadcasting, and publication sector.

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grade first semester second semester
1 An Introduction to Media, Special Lecture on Society, DiscussionandSpeechPracticalTraining1, Persuasive Communication, Journalism PracticalTraining 1 An Introduction to Journalism, An Introduction to Jounalistic Coverage, NewspaperProduction Practical Training, News Photograph Practical Training, An Introduction to Media Law
2 An Introduction to Broadcasting, An Introduction to Advertising, An Introduction to PR, An Introduction to Publishing, Current Affairs Seminar 1, Understanding Speech Commucation 1 An Introduction to Media Industry, Understanding Broadcasting News, An Introduction to New Media, Understanding Electronic Publishing, Current Affairs Seminar 1, Understanding Speech Commucation 2
3 Advertisng Campaign, Advertisement Copy Practical Training, PR Practical Training, BroadcastingWriting Practical Training, Public Opinion and Propaganda, VideoProduction Practical Training, Broadcasting Progress Practical Training Understanding Mobile Media, Local Journalism and Culture, Local Documentary Production Practical Training, Discussion and Speech Practical Training 12, Media Storytelling, JournalismPracticalTraining 1, Speacial Lecture on Employment
4 Understanding Social Media, Journalismand Politics, Understanding Visual Communication, ContentsandCopyright, Media and Cultere Theory, Speech and Presentation Understanding Media Critics, Media Internship, Media Writing Practical Training, Online Titling Practical Training, Internet Broadcsting Production Practical Training, Entertainment and Communication