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As early childhood is an important period for preparing the ground for life, Department of Early Childhood Education aims to cultivate competent infant teachers who can help holistic development of infants. Now, early childhood education is not an optional but a required course, and due to the lowering educational age, securing human resources in charge of professional infant education becomes important, and especially, surrogate rearing and education is increasingly important due to an increase in female employment. This department aims at nurturing expert early childhood educators who can understand and

educate children in an efficient way based on psychological and educational researches and understandings on infants and children so that such experts can acquire field-centered knowledge along with expertise, have sound character, become civilized, establish a sense of ethics, and contribute to the advancement of the society and the nation and humanization of education. Currently, this department has a total of 4 internal clubs (including Chamber Orchestra, Dasom & Beotdasom, Teaching Materials and Tools, and Sculpture Study Group) to offer students various experiences and circumstances in which they can take an interest in and strive to concentrate on their studies. The Department of Early Childhood Education is targeted at nurturing professional infant teachers who have experienced both theoryand practice related to infants' holistic development and acquire field skills via community links and business/academic cooperation with kindergartens and child care centers.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Introduction to Pedagogy, Introduction to Ealy Childhood Education, Infant Development, Health Eduaction for young Children Education of Philosophy and History,
Development of Children, Introdution to Child Care & Education,
Social to Educarion for Young Children
2 Educational Psychology, Music Education for Young Children,
Arts Education for Young Children, Language Art for Young Children,
Instrumental Music
Theacher:s Manual, Curriculum of Early, Childhood Education,
Observation and Practice of Young Child,
Movement Education for Young Children,
Method of Accompaniment, Young Childrens Literature
3 Introduction to Special Education, Field Work
Nursery Theory teacher, Curriculum of Child Care & Education
the Study of Curriculum Material & Teaching Method for Young Children,
Professor infants methodology, Child Musical
Educational Sociology, Practices in Child Care & Education,
Teaching Method for Young Children,
Science education for Young Children,
Teaching Method of Young childs play,Theory of Practice Education,
Children's musical and music programs
4 Practice of Teaching, Educational Evaluation,
Shool Vivlence Prevention & Measures,
Program Development and Evaluation for Infant,
child guidance, Childrens Welfare, Parents Education
Guidance and Counseling or Young Children,
Management of Preschool Educational Institution,
Children's Safety Management, Family Relationship, Mental Health,
Mathematics education for young children