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Department of Design - Department of Design aims to nurture world-class multidisciplinary designers who can cope actively with the demand of the era and the industrial society encompassing visual design, product design, Interior design, fashion design, architecture design, environmental design, advertisement design, image design, color design, public design, and stage design, and changes in individual aptitude. For this to be attained, it operates higher level curriculum in which professors in various design areas stimulates student's design sensibility and conception and students develop abilities of expressing such stimulation with various creative design languages.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Drawing, History of Design, Three dimensional design,
Color and Design
Basic Computer Graphics, Advanced Drawing,
Computer Aided Design, Theory of Design
2 Division of
Space Design
Interior Design Studio 1, Space Design Studio 1,
Interior Architectural Drawings, Theory of Interior Design,
Advanced Computer Aided Design, Design Marketing
Interior Design Studio 2, Space Design Studio 2,
Interior Architecture Materials, Digital Graphics,
Theory of Environmental Color Design,
Space and Presentation Technique
Division of
Industrial Design
Typo graphy(1), Communication design(1),
Computer graphic design(1), Idea thinking and expression,
Product design lab(1), Design marketing(1), Photography(1)
Typo graphy(2), Communication design(2),
Computer graphic design(2), Industrial design methodology,
Product design lab(2), Design marketing(1), Photography(2)
Division of
Fashion Design
Study of Fashion Design, Sewing Basics, Image Making,
Fashion Illustration(1), Flat Pattern Making(1)
Fashion history and design ideas, Apparel Design,
Fashion Accessories Design, Fashion Illustration(2),
Flat Pattern Making(2)
3 Division of
Space Design
Interior Design Studio 3, Space Design Studio 3,
Theory of Spatial Formation, Theory of Exhibition Design,
3D Animation, Space Structure Design
Interior Design Studio 4, Space Design Studio 4,
Building Structure and Building Code,
Exhibition Design Studio, History of Western Space Culture,
Lighting Design
Division of
Industrial Design
Advertising design(1), Brand design(1), Package design,
Motion graphics(1), Digital modeling(1),
Product design studio(1), User-Centered design
Advertising design(2), Brand design(1), Package design,
Motion graphics(1), Digital modeling(1),
Product design studio(1), User-Centered design
Division of
Fashion Design
Fashion Flat(detail), Draping(1), Creative Costumes(1),
Fashion Design Studio(1), Fashion Communication,
Establishment of Brand marketing(1), Knit Design
Menswear tailoring(1), Draping(2), Fashion CAD,
Fashion Design Studio(2), Creative Costumes(2),
Study of Fashion styling
4 Division of
Space Design
Interior Design Studio 5, Space Design Studio 5,
Cultural Space in Korea, Presentation Technique,
Construction and Estimation
Interior Design Studio 6, Space Design Studio 6,
Space Design Seminar, Theory of Space,
Environmental Theory for interior, Portfolio
Division of
Industrial Design
Visual design graduate research,
Integration design workshop,
Editorial design(2) GUI design(1),
Product design graduate research, Public design,
Interactive design
Visual design graduate research,
Portfolio & Presentation, Design seminar, GUI design(2),
Product design graduate research,
Fusion of design research,
On the job training
Division of
Fashion Design
Technical Design, Menswear Tailoring(2),
Graduate Fashion show, Practical Presentation,
Establishment of Brand marketing(2)
Fashion Practical Seminar,
Fashion Design Industry Practice,
Global Fashion Business, Fashion Media