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As the phenomena of weakening eyesight become a critical concern in the respect of national optical health due to the weakened eyesight of school age population and aging population amid the recant dramatic growth in the society, the role of optical healthcare and medical service is very significant. In this regard, Division of Optical Science aims to nurture more professional opticians through medical and technological research based on ophthalmology for eye care, ocular optics for eye prescription and optometry for visual correction so that they can contribute to the visual correction and the improvement of optical health of the nation and co-propel1ty of the humankind.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Elementary Mathematics for Optician, Anatomy&PhysiologyoftheEye,
Introduction to Ophthalmic Optics, Optical Experiment
Physical Optics, Ophthalmic Dispensing(1),
Entrance Test for Refraction
2 Ophthalmic Dispensing(2),
Business English for Optician, Ocular Health Examination
Geometrical Optics(1), Basic of Contact Lens(1),
PrinciplesofRefraction(1), Ophthalmic Dispensing(3)
3 Ocular Optics(1), Principles of Refraction(2),
Basic of Contact Lens(2), Geometrical Optics(2),
Ophthalmic Dispensing(4), Ocular Disease(1)
Contact Lens Fitting(1), Materials for Spectacles Lens and Frame,
Special Ophthalmic Dispensing, Practice of Refraction(1),
Ocular Optics(2), Ocular Disease(2), Binocular Vision Test
4 Strabismology, Color Science, FrameDispensing&Practice,
Contact Lens Fitting(2), Binocular Vision and Prism,
Practice of Refraction(2), Optometric Instrumentation
Coating Theory for Ophthalmic Lens,
Law&Regulation related to Medical&Public Health,
Spectacle Magnification and Low Vision Correction Lens,
Health Statistics, Eyesight and Nutrition,
Optic'sShopMarketing & CustomerPsychology