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As a department to nurture dental technicians, Department of Dental Lab Science specializes in researching and educating dental technology with regard to technology, materials, and device development intended to recover functional damage on and around the teeth. Unlikeother medical technologists, those completing this major are qualified to run dental labs individually. Based on the time-honored tradition since the opening In 1976 (In the former Shinheung University), this department produces quality students and records high pass rate in national examination and high employment rate by instruction from the excellent faculty rich in teaching and

clinical experiences. Also, by adopting well characterized high-tech education program, it is putting every effort into fostering spacialists qualified for a global leader who has both professional knowledge In dental lab science and the spirituality of Christianity.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Introduction of Dental Technology,
Science of Dental Materials Lab(1), Basic Dental Technology Lab,
Basic Dental Morphology & Lab, Science of Dental Materials(1)
Operative Dentistry, Dental Morphology,
Dental Morphology Lab, Dental Terminology,
Science of Dental Materials & Lab(2)
2 Occlusion & Occlusion Anatomy Lab
Removable Partial Denture Technology & Lab(1),
Operative Dentistry Lab, Complete Denture Technology(1),
Complete Denture Technology Lab(1),
Dental Equipments & Instruments
Basic Crown & Bridge Prosthodontics, Oral Anatomy(1)
Basic Crown & Bridge Prosthodontics Lab,
Removable Partial Denture Technology,
Removable Partial Denture Technology Lab(2),
Complete Denture Technology & Lab(2), Orthodontic Technology
3 Crown & Bridge Dental Technology Lab,
Crown & Bridge Dental Technology,Oral Anatomy(2)
Clinical Partial Denture Technology & Lab,
Dental Ceramics Technology, Dental Metalic Materials,
Special Denture Technology, Orthodontic Technology Lab,
Special Denture Technology Lab, Dental Ceramics Technology Lab
Clinical Complete Denture Technology,
Esthetics Dental Technology Lab, Original Lecture,
Clinical Complete Denture Technology Lab,
Applied Crown & Bridge Dental Technology & Lab,
Porcelain Fused Metal Crown & Bridge Dental Technology & Lab,
Clinical Orthodontic Technology Lab, Dental Implant Technology,
Digital Dental Technology & Lab,
Internship in Dental Laboratory Work
4 Science of Oral Health, Health-Related Legislation,
Dental Implant Technology Lab, Oral Pathology,
Polymeric Materials, Meister Lab. Basic Course
Complete Science of Dental Prosthodontics & Lab, Health Statistics,
Experimental Instrument Analysis, Oral Microbiology,
Dental Ceramic Materials, Meister lab. Adavance Course