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As there is a growing interest in oral health due to recant advances in medicine, national economic enhancement, and changes in diets, the role of dental hygienists having expertise and skills for the prevention of teeth and oral diseases and the hygienic dental care is increasingly important. In this regard, Department of Dental Hygiene aims to foster qualified dental hygienists as health care specialists who play a key role In the national medical service by helping them train good character needed in the social life as a sound democratic citizen, become cultured, establish good work ethics as a careerman, acquire major-related knowledge required as hands-on worker in the

industrial society, and develop qualifications and abilities to meat the rapid changes in the social and technological aspect.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Public Health, Introduction to Dental Hygiene,
Medical Terminology, Dental Morpohlogy & Practice
Oral Anatomy & Practice, Body Physiology, Periodontics,
Dental Material Engineering, Oral Histology Embryology & Practice
2 Dental Clinics & Practice Ⅰ, Preventive Dentistry & Practice Ⅰ,
Dental Materials Practice, Oral Physiology & Practice
Preventive Dentistry & practice Ⅱ,
Clinical Dental Hygiene & PracticeⅠ, Dental Clinics & Practice Ⅱ,
Pre-clinical Practice, Dental Radiology & Practice Ⅰ
3 Clinical Dental Hygiene & PracticeⅡ, Denatal Clinics & Practice Ⅲ,
Dental Radiology & Practice Ⅱ, Oral Microbiology & Immunology,
Health Statistics & practice, Clinical PracticeⅠ
Public Oral Health, Clinical Practice Ⅱ,
Clinical Dental Hygiene & Practice Ⅲ , Denatal Clinics & Practice Ⅳ ,
Oral Pathology, Research Methodology of Dental Hygiene & Practice
4 Comprehensive Dental Hygiene & Practice,
Clinical Dental Hygiene & Practice Ⅳ, Dental Insurance & Practice
Oral Health Education & Practice, Oral Health Statistics,
Oral Microbiology & Prevention of Infection
Dental Pharmacology, Clinical Dental Hygiene & Practice Ⅴ,
Law & Rerulation of Public Health,
Community Dental Hygiene Practice,
Dental Biochemistry, Practice Management in Dentistry