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To cope actively with the globalizing world under limitless competition, Department of Global Commerce Management offers education to students to help them cultivate international trading competence, acquire theoretical and practical expertise in enterprise management, practical trade management, foreign languages, and FTA policy, and acquire a cosmopolitan outlook and management ability to grasp changes in domestic and foreign markets so that they will be able to work in each sector as an expert in Korea or overseas. Ultimately, this department focuses on fostering global business manpower to meet the needs of global changes

per future knowledge industry and nurturingNew Shinhan-Koreans who contribute to the nation.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Principles of Management, International Trade Economics,
International Trade Theories, Commercial Laws
Principles of International Accounting, Organizational Behavior,
International Marketing, Trade and Tax
2 ERP System Practice, Global Finance, Theories of Tariff,
International Management, Cost Accounting
Microeconomics, Corporate Tax Practice, International Investment,
Global Game Theories, Foreign Exchange Practical Business
3 Principles of Trade Practice, Trade Exhibition & Convention,
Global Logistics, FTA Practice, International Economics,
Marketing Strategy, Global Trade Experience
Letter of Credit, International Commercial Arbitration,
Global Trade Insurance, Cyber Trade,
Trade English I, International Financial Management
4 Interantional Human Resources, Global Negotiation,
Public Finance,Tax accounting, Trade English II, Trade Japanese
Strategic Planning of Global Management,
Current Economy and Trade, International Trade Laws,
Entrepreneurship and Management Practice Auditing