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Department of Automotive Engineering is making a full effort to nurture talented people to meet the needs of the nation and the era by offering basic and applied engineering classes to nurture creative engineers which is important in automotive and machine industry. languages and computer classes in preparation for the globalization and information age, and onside training focusing on practice and manufacture. Also, by operating field-based curriculum with high-tech education facilities and various laboratorial environments by top-class faculty rich in hands-on background, it nurtures global engineering experts who can lead the future of machine and automotive industry

in this limitless competition era of the 21st century. In addition, this department helps students acquire basic fundamentals including professional ethics, engineering ethics, lifelong education and the world culture, which are needed to complete the mission and the responsibilities of expert engineers in the globalization age.

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grade first semester second semester
1 College Mathematics, College Physics, Introduction to Mechanical
Engineering, Automobile Convergence Technology
Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Automotive
Structure Practice, Computational Engineering Drawing
2 Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Thermodynamics,
Materials Engineering, Electricity and Electonics Engineering,
Fundamentals of Automotive Engineering
Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Dynamics, Manufacturing Engineering,
Machine Element Design, Automotive Engineering Practice
3 3D CAD Basic Design, Automobile Electricity and Electronics,
Automotive Chassis System, Body Structural Engineering ,
Automotive Engine, Computational Numerical Analysis
Automobile Repair & Maintenance, Automobile IT Convergence
Engineering, Powertrain and Brake System,
Automotive Performance Practice, Green Car Technology, Noise,
Vibration and Measurement
4 Mechatronics, Steering and Suspension System,
Automotive Exhaust and Performance,
Damage Assessment of Automobile,
Technical Convergence Management
Capstone Design, Smart Vehicle Technology,
Production Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Project,
Automotive Synthetic Practice