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Department of Cyber Dronebot Military

Shinhan University's Cyber Drone-Bot Military Department, a cradle for future talents with both business and personality, develops intelligent capabilities and expertise to proactively respond to the future battlefield environment, and acquires advanced science and technology such as specialized cyber security, drones, and robots for future strategies. Will be the protagonist of the military.

in this limitless competition era of the 21st century. In addition, this department helps students acquire basic fundamentals including professional ethics, engineering ethics, lifelong education and the world culture, which are needed to complete the mission and the responsibilities of expert engineers in the globalization age.

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Cyber drone robot military department combines cyber, drone, robot, military science to prepare for the 4th industrial revolution that will affect the survival of nations, corporations and individuals. As a future security leader, it is a department that fosters and nurtures human resources, and has the ability to win and fight by creating a low-cost, high-efficiency and high-capacity defense value through military force innovation, military construction innovation, and defense management innovation. It aims to cultivate the best elite officers with strong leadership and leadership, military experts in military, security and reunification and competent human resources required by the national society.


Educational Goal

Character, leadership and stamina. Training ROKA officers with expertise Cultivate talented people with creativity in line with the age of knowledge and information Cultivate talented personnel who can operate the dronebot combat system to lead the future battlefield Cultivate human resources with convergent thinking ability to lead the future of a unified Korea


Major Program

· Dormitory Life Guidance for Building Community Awareness. · Applying an autonomous commanding system to build leadership and teamwork capabilities. · Certification system including foreign language, physical fitness, and computing. · Barracks experience and training linked to educational goals by grade level · Overseas battlefield exploration, cultural visits, security field trips and experiences. · Other grade-specific activities (security remuneration, defense industry tours, military research center experiences, discussions)


Career after graduation

According to your wishes, you can apply as a bachelor's officer of the Army, Marine, Air Force, and Marine Corps. (As an officer, you can study domestic and foreign masters and doctoral programs and overseas military professional education through state entrustment. Possible to enter into institution, multi major related company) National Defense Training Center, Defense Employment Support Center through various career-related information and employment information that suits your aptitude (cyber security, drone, robot defense industry)