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경기 북부 지역의 상담과 교육 경영의 메카, 아동가족학과
아동가족학과는 현대 사회의 다양한 문제에 대한 창조적이고 미래지향적인 사고 패러다임을 바탕으로 유능한 상담 및 심리치료 전문가와 영유아 교육 경영 전문가를 양성하고자 한다.

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major division number subject credit
major major CF001 Theories of Advanced Child Development 3credit(3hour)
CF002 Advanced Psychology on Child Development 3credit(3hour)
CF003 Methods of Research Work 3credit(3hour)
CF004 Developmental Psychopathology 3credit(3hour)
major selection CF031 Guide Research workⅠ 2credit(2hour)
CF032 Guide Research workⅡ 2credit(2hour)
[Major Selection : Counseling & psychotherapy]
major division number subject credit
counseling & psychotherapy major selection CFCP031 Abnormal Psychology 3credit(3hour)
CFCP032 Family Counselling 3credit(3hour)
CFCP033 Behavior therapy 3credit(3hour)
CFCP034 Counseling for children and adolescents with delinquency 3credit(3hour)
CFCP035 Psychological Testing&Clinical Evaluation for Child&Family 2credit(2hour)
CFCP036 Bibliotherapy 2credit(2hour)
CFCP037 Playtherapy 2credit(2hour)
CFCP038 Narrative Therapy for child & Family 2credit(2hour)
CFCP039 Understanding and Therapeutic Use of Picturebook 2credit(2hour)
CFCP040 Media Therapy 2credit(2hour)
CFCP041 Academic Counselling 2credit(2hour)
CFCP042 Child and Adolescent Counselling 2credit(2hour)
CFCP043 Object Relations Theory 2credit(2hour)
CFCP044 Counseling for disabled children and their families 2credit(2hour)
CFCP045 Research on Developmental Programs for Sociality and Emotion of Children 2credit(2hour)
CFCP046 Cognition and Learning Therapy Program for Children 2credit(2hour)
CFCP047 Art Therapy 2credit(2hour)
CFCP048 Research method using Qualitative Approach 2credit(2hour)
[Major Selection : CFCM]
major division number subject credit
CFCM major selection CFCM031 Early Child Care and Management Seminar 3credit(3hour)
CFCM032 Early Child Care and Research 3credit(3hour)
CFCM033 Organization Leadership 3credit(3hour)
CFCM034 Attachment : Theory and Research 3credit(3hour)
CFCM035 Language Intervention Program for Children and Families 2credit(2hour)
CFCM036 Inclusive Education for Exceptional Children 2credit(2hour)
CFCM037 Guiding Children's Sociomental Development 2credit(2hour)
CFCM038 Parenting Interventions 2credit(2hour)
CFCM039 Childhood and Play 2credit(2hour)
CFCM040 Cognition and Learning Enhancement Program for Childhood 2credit(2hour)