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Textile and material engineering, which started as a base study of the textile industry which used to be the central axis of economic and industrial development in Korea, is rapidly shifting toward core material industry required for high-tech industries in the 21st century due to core BT sectors for the industrial development (IT-information technology, NT-nano technology, BT-biotechnology, ET-environment technology, CT-culture & fashion technology) and multilateral convergence. Thus, based on textile materials made up of natural/synthetic polymer, inorganic, or metal, Department

of Textile and Material Engineering aims to nurture professional engineers who have creative capabilities regarding manufacturing, processing, and applying high value-added high-tech new material textiles required in different sectors including general fashion and clothes, electricity, electronics, IT, automobiles, sports, leisure, environment, and aerospace and are able to utilize such complex expertise synthetically.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Introduction to Textile Applications,
Introduction to Engineering Design, Sensibility & Technology,
Basic Design
Introduction to Textile Materials, General Chemistry & Experiment, Textile Design, Illustration
2 Textile Physics, Fashion Design, Organic Chemistry,
Fundamental Engineering Laboratory I, Textile Statistics
Fiber Assembly Processing, Textile Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Fundamental Engineering Laboratory II, Color & Design
3 Color & Fabric Dyeing, Knit Structural Design & Knitting,
Textile Polymer Chemistry, Textile Dyeing Laboratory, Design CAD, New Materials Spinning, New Materials Spinning Laboratory,
Textile Process Field Trainning
Woven Structural Design & Weaving, Textile Functional Finishing, Interfacial Chemistry, Merchandising & Trend, Image Consulting, Textile Finishing Laboratory, Planning & Marketing Field Trainning, Capston Design Project(I)
4 Textile Production Planning & Trainning,
Nano Technology Fusion Materials, Textile Testing & Analysis, Industrial Textile Materials, Art Fabric Design,
Capston Design Project(II)
Textile Product Management, Textile Functional Materials,
Textile Business & Marketing, Smart Textile, Image & Curation