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Due to the recent industrial development and a hike in energy demands in China as chimney of the world, we are facing unstable resources supply, green house gas emission, and consequently, global warming. At this juncture, securing energy resources in a stable and eco-friendly fashion can be a driving force of the national advancement. Thus, Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering researches technology related to sustainable development of the existing energy resources and minimization of environment impacts,

technology related to production of stable and sustainable new and renewable energy for the future generations, technology related to collecting and storing greenhouse gas, and environmental technology for green growth. In addition, it plays a leading role in core technologies to meet the needs of future energy resources and environmental-related policy. Also, for this to happen, it offers various courses including electrical engineering, electronic engineering, nuclear engineering, resources engineering, and environmental engineering to research converged study based on basic science (chemistry, physics and math) and ultimately nurture multidisciplinary talents combining IT and NT (Nano Technology).

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grade first semester second semester
1 General Chemistry and Experiment,
Introduction to New & Renewable Energy,
Water Quality Management, Introduction for Air Pollution
Environmental Microbiology Experiment,
Water Pollution Analysis Electrochemistry,
Environmental Climatology & Meteorology
2 Introduction to Engineering Mechanics - Statics,
Physical Chemistry Environmental Resources Processing and Experiment, Official Examination Methods for Air Pollution, Instrumental Analysis of Work Places,
Electricity & Electronics Engineering
Applied Mechanics - Mechanics of Materials,
Basic Principles and Calculations in Engineering,
Fluid Mechanics, Water Supply & Treatmental Engineering ,
Electricity & Electronics Lab
3 Environmental Ecology, Geotechnical Engineering and
Lab Elements of Materials Science and Engineering,
Air Pollution System Engineering, Water Pollution Measurement & Analysis Water Supply & Sewerage Engineering,
Thermodynamics of Energy
Applied Geotechnical Engineering and Lab,
Energy Transfer and Application Energy Experiments,
Environmental Impact Assessment Combustion Engineering, Wastewater Treatment Engineering and Experiments,
Solid Waste Treatment and Experiments Work Places Manangement, Capston Design Project(I)
4 Geothemal Energy Engineering, Energy Reaction System Engineering and Experiment, Bioenergy process and experiments, Capston Design Project(II), Computer Auto Design,
Engineering Design of Water Supply and Sewerage System
Mine Reclamation Engineering, Environmental Policy and Economics Energy Environmental Engineering
Capstone Design, English Seminar for Energy & Environmental ,
Environmental Microbiology Solar Energy Engineering