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Division of IT Convergence EngineeringDept. of IT Convergence Engineering

Department of IT Convergence Engineering
Department of IT Convergence Engineering consists of electronic engineering division including next generation communication, signal processing, semiconductor, and microprocessor, and computer engineering division including SW R&D, embedded, and multimedia. This department aims to foster creative experts.
Division of Electronic Engineering
In today's society, IT devices such as smart phones, LCD TV, and laptops are increasingly utilized, and subsequently,

broadcasting communication convergence technology such as digital broadcasting, mobile communi -cation and internet networks are improving. Keeping pace with this trend, this division aims to foster creative and practical experts in the electronics sector by offering systematic theoretical and hands-on classes about electronics and communication areas.
Division of Computer Engineering
As a division to explore high-tech studies which will lead the information age, Division of Computer Engineering aims to foster futuristic advanced software experts equipped with convergence knowledge. Considering the development of the advanced ICT convergence between C(contents)-P(platform)-N (network)-D(device), this division aims at producing creative experts who will lead the information industry by offering in-depth technology classes, internship program, and corporate associated job training program.

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1. Division of Electronic Engineering
grade first semester second semester
1 Introduction to Electronic Engineering, Principle of Programming, Introduction to Computer Engineering Introduction to Communication, C programming,
Multimedia Contents Production
2 Circuit theory(1), Digital Circuit,
Engineering Mathmatics Circuit Theory and Lab,
Programming Language
Physical Electronics, Circuit Theory(2),
Digital System Design Digital System Lab, Microprocessors
3 Electronic Circuits(1), Electromagnetics(1),
Broadcasting System Control Application Lab,
Electronic Circuit Lab.(1), Communication System
Digital Communication System, Electronic Circuits(2),
Electromagnetics(2), Digital ASIC Design,
Electronic circuit Lab.(2), System Programming
4 Field Project(1), Date Communication and Network,
Semiconductor Engineering, Practical Electronic Circuit Lab,
Applied Digital Design Seminar(1)
Wireless Communication Network,
Applied semiconductor Communication System Lab.,
Circuit Design Simulation Field Project(2), Seminar(2), Field Practice

2. Division of Computer Engineering
grade first semester second semester
1 Introduction to Electronic Engineering,
Introduction to Computer Engineering, Principle of Programming
Introduction to Communication, Multimedia Contents Production,
C programming
2 Data Structures, Digital Logic, Discrete Mathematics,
Java Programming(1), C++ Programming
Computer Algorithms, Computer Architecture,
Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Java Programming(2),
Windows Programming
3 software Engineering, Database,
Data Communication Operating Systems,
Embedded System, Web Programming
Software Development Methodology, Data Modeling,
Multimedia Programming, Computer Network,
Embedded Programming, Mobile Programming(2), Data Mining
4 Practical Project(1), UI/UX Design, Project Management,
Software Technique Trend, Network Programming,
Integrated Software Development, Service Science
Practical Project(2), Enterprise Resource Planning Practice, Ubiquitous Systems, Computer Security, Sever Programming, Special Topics in Computer Science