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With the education goal of "strengthening education of international languages (including English and Chinese) which are required in the G2 era and nurturing international language specialists who have all-round competences including language skills, practical creativity, and global leadership in balance", Department of International Language runs specific education courses such as "global leader course", the "specialized job course'', and "academic-oriented course". Through intensive English and Chinese training, this department aims to nurture international language specialists who can cope with the G2 era in an active and creative fashion so that they can

considerably contribute to exchanges with English-speaking countries and China and the globalization, as well as producing talented people having leading competence and creative vision which help create the new values for an advanced Korea.

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grade first semester second semester
1 Practical English Grammar,
Principle & Understanding of Chinese Pronunciation,
Basic English conversation, Elementary Chinese,
Elementary Linguistics
English Composition, Introduction to Chinese Linguistics,
English Listening comprehension, Basic Chinese conversation,
Theories of Chinese Acquisition
2 Elementary English conversation1,
Elementary Chinese conversation1,
Introduction to English Linguistics, Understanding of Chinese,
Vocabulary of Chinese
Elementary English conversation2,
Elementary Chinese conversation2, Practice English,
Understanding British & American Cultures,
Understanding Modern China
3 Intermediate English conversation1, Translation Theory & Practice,
Export & Import Business English, Current English,
Intermediate Chinese conversation1, Chinese Composition,
Tourist Chinese, China Society & Culture,
Understanding language acquisition
Intermediate English conversation2,
English into Korean Translation Practice, Tourist English,
English Reading comprehension,
Intermediate Chinese conversation2, Current Chinese,
Korean into Chinese Interpretation & Translation Practice,
Chinese Reading comprehension, Modern Chinese Grammar
4 Advanced English Composition, English Debates & Presentations,
Medical Coordinator English, Media English, English Essay Practice,
Advanced Chinese conversation, Chinese Debates & Presentations,
Business ability & Business of Chinese,
Chinese into Korean Interpretation & Translation Practice
Advanced English conversation,
Assessment of English Competence & Practice,
Industry & Economy English Reading comprehension,
English into Korean Consecutive Interpretation Practice,
Chinese Practice, Medical Coordinator Chinese,
Medical Coordinator Chinese,
Assessment of Chinese Competence & Practice