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“We will leap into a Leading 
Field-centered Career Training University.”

Shinhan University is an educational institution to foster field-centered talents and leaders who will contribute to the nation and the human society on the basis of Christianity. For the past 4 decades, we have taken the initiatives in achieving the goal ‘Benefit Korean Economy by Techniques’ by nurturing professionals having both good personality and competence; it has been the request of the era and the way to serving the nation by education.

‘The Second Foundation’ is our commitment to leap into one of the prestigious universities in Korea. We will leading a new history as a field-centered educational institution to foster talents equipped with both spirituality and competitiveness who can lead the knowledge-based information society.

For this, Shinhan University will be reborn as a career-training university which creates successful values by setting a new goal – ‘Start New-versity’ – and providing differentiated job training programs required for the future. The goal that ‘New Shinhan University’ pursues is to contribute to the development of the industry by expanding customized education to meet the JIT (Just-In-Time) principle of job market and to produce talented people equipped with leadership and competence needed in this era. For this we will put every effort to recognize Shinhan image as a top institution of career-oriented education.

Further, Shinhan University will improve relevant educational indicators such as research, educational infrastructure and globalization, and serve and interact with the local and global community to be loved, supported and trusted by them. The owner of this lovely and dynamic campus is none other than yours, you yourselves.

Let's keep watching the advancement of Shinhan University with attention, which takes the lead in fostering global leaders and creating new knowledge. I'm sure your support and affection for Shinhan is unlimited. Let's go together!

Thank you and God bless of you.

May, 2014 President of Shinhan University 김병옥