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Welcome to Shinhan University!

I sincerely welcome you to Shinhan University. May all you here be with God’s great grace!

Shinhan University, established half a century ago under the founding spirit of Christianity, was reborn as a representative private university in northern Gyeonggi Province in 2014. We have taken the initiatives in achieving the goal of ‘Benefit Korean Economy by Techniques’ by nurturing field-oriented professionals. The road to education was a great example of the era that supported the nation’s leap forward, same as a way to foster leaders to contribute to the human race.

Shinhan University is once again creating another sensation after being promoted to a four-year university. ‘The Second Foundation’ is a commitment to make SHU the most prestigious university in Korea. Shinhan University has set up a new direction called ‘Start New-Versity’ to practice and has been creating a new educational paradigm that the requirements of the fourth industrial era needs through differentiated education.

‘New Shinhan University’ aims to a demand-centered education that meets the needs of the upcoming ‘Centennial Anniversary of Shinhan’. In the process, Shinhan University fosters the talented individuals with the leadership needed by this era, and all graduates are pursuing full-time jobs in their fields.

Shinhan University will make a new history as a leader in field-oriented education in order to further enhance its status as a prestigious job seeker. To this end, we will nurture talented individuals with challenging spirits in the fields of IT convergence, health care, global business, and culture and arts required by this era, and will become a prestigious university in the metropolitan area.

Shinhan University is a challenging university. We will be trusted by society by further improving the indicators of research, education infrastructure, and internationalization in creating a new knowledge ecosystem. Though many people are talking about crisis of University, Shinhan University has already overcome the limitations of its local status and will go beyond the prestigious universities in the metropolitan area to become a prestigious university on the Korean Peninsula.

We equip the skilled students with greatness in spirituality and ability, which means the holistic talented people required by this era.

Shinhan University is renowned as a university that serves its neighbors and the world. We have been designated as the World Friends KOICA Volunteer Group’s vocational education, and we do practice the love of Christ with LOGOS volunteer supporters around the world, including Southeast Asia, Africa, Mongolia and other parts of the world. The spirit of being with neighbors is one of the essence of college education, and pursuing development in cooperation with the community is a way to implement the proposition that universities and communities should accompany.

We look forward to your support and encouragement for the development of Shinhan University, a leading university in fostering global leaders and creating new knowledges.

Thank you.

President of Shinhan University

Suh Gab-won