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Purpose of Education

We foster leading talents who will create the new values required in this era based on the love of Christianity.
As reflections of educational purposes of Shinheung and Hanbuk University and the will of the management, it focuses on cultivation of talents based on Christianity.
It reflects the love of Christianity.
It need to reflect changes of university roles customized by the needs of the era and demanders.
It fosters leading talents who can create new values ensuring specific connectivity with the mission of the university, ‘Contribute to the advancement of the New Era’

Goals of Education

START New-Versity
Differentiated from the former education purposes of Shinheung
and Hanbuk University, it focuses on education for spirituality,
the humankind, the nation and the students as a reflection of
the will of management
Reflecting founding philosophy, university mission and
educational purpose
Defining at the faith-human-nation-individual level
Performing soul of Christianity and spiritual education,
human prosperity and (global) civic education, practical education
at national level, and professional education at self-realization level

Spiritual Education for Servicemanship/Professional Education for the Students/Civic Education for the Humankind/Practical Education for the Nation