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Paradigms of education in Korea has been rapidly shifting toward the enhancement of university competitiveness and the cultivation of creative and integral talents with good character in response to drastic social changes including a reduction of school-age population, limitless competition, and globalization of the education market. To meet the need of the times, both Shinheung and Hanbuk University, as a leading university in field-based vocational education having 40 years of history with the mission of challenge and innovation and as a sanctuary of whole-person education featuring the faith and talents respectively, were integrated into a brand-new university, Shinhan.

With the founding philosophy of ‘Nurturing talents with balanced personality contributing to co-prosperity of the humankind based on the soul of Christianity’, Shinhan University, as a leading educational institution creating the values of the new era and the new university, will foster core talents of Korea. In addition, under the vision slogan of ‘Start New-versity beyond Uni-versity’, Shinhan will foster ‘New Shinhan-Koreans’ who create the values of the new era with the educational goals of ‘spiritual education for the servicemanship’, ‘civic education for the humankind’, ‘practical education for the nation’, and ‘professional education for the students,’ and will become a specialized educational institution.

Top talents fostered by Shinhan will become young ‘New Shinhan-Koreans’ who live a mutually prosperous life through friendly and well-intentioned competition amid the rapidly changing educational circumstances and world situation and in the ever-changing information and multi-cultural society as a future leader of the world with combining knowledge-based creative thinking and warm heart. Now in the global era, Shinhan University as a new starter promises to serve as a new turning point in the history of higher education in Korea. We anticipate much attention and encouragement from you.

May God bless of you!

May, 2014 Founder of Shinheung Academic Foundation kang shin kyung